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Senators Make Series of Moves

H/T to Geoff Morrow of the Patriot News with the information … the Nationals have added RHP Jason Jones to the roster in Harrisburg.

In six minor league seasons, the 6-5, 225-pound Jones, likely recently signed as a minor league free agent by the Washington Nationals, has a 48-52 record, a 4.12 ERA and 455 strikeouts and 181 walks in 771.2 innings

UPDATE (10:48PM)

Actually, the Senators made a few moves:

  • RHSP Erik Arnesen and RHRP Mike MacDougal promoted from Harrisburg to Syracuse
  • RHP Jason Jones added to Harrisburg
  • IF Ofilio Castro placed on the DL
  • IF Tim Pahuta and RHRP Cole Kimball promoted from Potomac to Harrisburg

Harrisburg’s roster is all set. Syracuse will need to make one move to open a spot. Potomac is going to need to add two players (one could very well be 3B Stephen King whose 50 game suspension will be over shortly).


Harrisburg Roster Moves

OF Mike Daniel and IF Adam Fox were placed on the DL. To replace them, the Senators activated IF Ofilio Castro from the suspended list and added IF Josh Johnson from extended spring training. Additionally, the Senators received LHP Aaron Thompson back from Syracuse


Senators Roster Moves

IF Josh Johnson was transferred to Vermont (extended spring training) while the Nats added OF Brad Coon to the Harrisburg roster. Coon was a 2005 15th round draft pick by the Angels. He spent his entire career with the Angels before being released this year.


Roster Moves

Cleaning up the Big Board some.

  • Syracuse – Added RHP Andrew Brown ostensibly to replace RHP Garrett Mock who went on the DL instead of reporting to the Chiefs … Chiefs are at a full 24-man
  • Harrisburg – Sent UTIL Dan Nelson along with RHP Adrian Alaniz (who was not on the Senators active roster) to Potomac … Senators are at 23/24
  • Potomac … placed RHP Robinson Fabian, OF Nick Moresi, UTIL Nick Arata, and OF Boomer Whiting on the DL. Added Nelson & Alaniz from Harrisburg along with OF Chris Curran and IF Wilberto Ortiz … full 25-man roster

No word yet on the variety of injuries


Harrisburg Rosters Set

The minor league rosters are being announced and the first one I got was from Harrisburg.

  • Starters: Stephen Strasburg, Aaron Thompson, Matt Chico, Jeff Mandel, and Tom Milone
  • Bullpen: Erik Arnesen, Adam Carr, Victor Garate, Yunior Novoa, Hassan Pena
  • Setup: Rafael Martin
  • Closer: Drew Storen
  • Catchers: Jhonathan Solano & Sean Rooney
  • 1B: Chris Marrero
  • 2B: Pedro Lopez
  • 3B: Andy Fox
  • SS: Danny Espinosa
  • IF: Michael Martinez
  • UTIL: Dan Nelson
  • LF: Bill Rhinehart
  • CF: Mike Daniel
  • RF: Leonard Davis
  • OF: Jesus Valdez


Minor League Rosters

Spoke with the Nationals and was told that minor league rosters will likely be announced this weekend. I’ll keep everyone posted on the information and post it once I receive it.


An Updated Big Board

full of guesses.

I have had a few comments over the past couple of weeks asking who will be assigned to what levels in the minor leagues. Over the past couple of days, I attempted to make an educated guess and this is what I came up with.

There is an overabundance of arms that need to be assigned (and I still didn’t find a home for Josh Smoker or Colton Willems in full season ball).

Let’s use this as a jumping off point. Feel free to critique, criticize or tell me I’m nuts.


Minor League Coaches Announced

Minor League Coordinators

  • Field Coordinator: Bobby Henley (GCL manager in 2009)
  • Pitching Coordinator: Spin Williams (returns)
  • Hitting Coordinator: Rick Schu (new)
  • OF/Baserunning Coordinator: Devon White (returns)
  • Infield Coordinator: Jeff Garber (also Vermont manager) [returns]
  • Rehab Pitching Coordinator: Mark Grater (returns)
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach: Landon Brandes (TBD)


  • Manager: Trent Jewett (Potomac manager in 2009)
  • Pitching Coach: Greg Booker (was scout for Rockies in 2009; previously coach with Indians, Rockies & Padres)
  • Hitting Coach: Jerry Browne (Potomac hitting coach in 2009)
  • Trainer: Beth Jarrett (returns)


  • Manager: Randy Knorr (Nationals bullpen coach in 2009)
  • Pitching Coach: Randy Tomlin (returns)
  • Hitting Coach: Troy Gingrich (returns)
  • Trainer: Atsushi Toriida (returns)


  • Manager: Gary Cathcart (coach/manager in Blue Jays organization)
  • Pitching Coach: Paul Menhart (returns)
  • Hitting Coach: Matt Nokes (new)
  • Trainer: Jeff Allred (TBD)


  • Manager: Matt LeCroy (returns)
  • Pitching Coach: Chris Michalak (new)
  • Hitting Coach: Tony Tarasco (returns)
  • Trainer: Alan Wood (TBD)


  • Manager: Jeff Garber
  • Pitching Coach: Franklin Bravo
  • Hitting Coach: Paul Sanagorski
  • Trainer: Jon Kotredes


  • Manager: Bobby Williams
  • Pitching Coach: Joel Sanchez
  • Hitting Coach: Sergio Mendez/John Poppert
  • Trainer: Wilkin Perez


Updated Organizational Chart

I have once again updated my best guess of the Nationals hierarchy. There are still some unknown players in the chart (my pet rock of an overseer of the Pacific Rim a prime example).

The next step we have is the announcing of the coaching staffs. To date we have …


  • Manager: Jim Riggleman (returning, had interim tag removed)
  • Bench Coach: John McLaren (replaces Pat Corrales)
  • Hitting Coach: Rick Eckstein (returning)
  • Pitching Coach: Steve McCatty (returning)
  • First Base Coach: TBD (replaces Marquis Grisson)
  • Third Base Coach: Pat Listach (returning)
  • Bullpen Coach: TBD (replaces Randy Knorr)

Overall Minor Leagues

  • Minor League Pitching Coordinator: Spin Williams (returning)
  • Minor League Hitting Coordinator: Rick Schu (replaces Ralph Dickenson)
  • Minor League Field Coordinator: Bobby Henley


  • Manager: Trent Jewett (replaces Tim Foli; Jewett was Potomac manager in 2009)
  • Hitting Coach: TBD (replaces Darnell Coles)
  • Pitching Coach: TBD (replaces Rich Gale)
  • John Poppert served as the bullpen coach in 2009, no idea if this role will be retained


  • Manager: Randy Knorr (replaces John Stearns)
  • Hitting Coach: TBD (Troy Gingrich in 2009)
  • Pitching Coach: Randy Tomlin (returning)


  • Manager: TBD (replaces Jewett)
  • Hitting Coach: TBD (Jerry Browne in 2009)
  • Pitching Coach: TBD (Paul Menhart in 2009)


  • Manager: TBD (Matt LeCroy in 2009)
  • Hitting Coach: TBD (Tony Tarasco in 2009)
  • Pitching Coach: TBD (Franklyn Bravo in 2009)


  • Manager: TBD (Jeff Garber in 2009)
  • Hitting Coach: TBD (Sergio Mendez in 2009)
  • Pitching Coach: TBD (Mark Grater in 2009)


  • Manager: TBD (replaces Bobby Henley)
  • Hitting Coach: TBD (Paul Sanagorski in 2009)
  • Pitching Coach: TBD (Joel Sanchez in 2009)
  • Cesar Cedeno was a coach in the GCL in 2009, no word if this position will be refilled


  • Manager: TBD (Juan Bernhardt in 2009)
  • Hitting Coach: TBD
  • Pitching Coach: TBD


A Variety of Things

Here are a series of links of interest with my quick thoughts:

  • The Nationals officially hired Davey Johnson as a Senior Advisor to Mike Rizzo. It’s nice to see another solid baseball guy in the front office though I wonder if there is any possibility that Johnson could be a replacement for Jim Riggleman.
  • The Nats held a roundtable with the local writers where a few things came out:
    • Added 17 new front office positions to include scouts. Still no official word on if there is anyone in the Pacific Rim. I’ll keep asking
    • Finalized a deal to build a new Dominican complex in Boca Chica. Good to see they are getting their own place after having to scramble for a location at the last minute this past year.
    • Nats scouts have already watched potential 2010 #1 overall Bryce Harper and that he is not as clear cut a #1 as Strasburg was in 2009. That could just be posturing.
  • Tracee Hamilton has a feature on NFA favorite Josh Wilkie. Nice to see Josh get some publicity in the local media.
  • and a blog post on Jeff Mandel and how the Baby Nats will be competing for the AFL title this weekend with Strasburg starting the championship game
  • The Syracuse Chiefs lost money again in 2009 but less than they did in 2008. An extended assignment of Stephen Strasburg is what they are hoping for in 2010. I don’t think Strasburg will start the season in Triple-A. Coming from a guy who was born in Syracuse and still has family there, it’s still pretty cold in April in upstate New York and I’m not sure the Nationals will want to risk injury having Strasburg pitch in a chilly environment.
  • Geoff Morrow of the Patriot News has an update on the renovations on City Island.
  • and news that Randy Tomlin will be returning as Harrisburg’s pitching coach in 2010. Tomlin will again be working with Randy Knorr (they previously worked together in Potomac in 2007-08)
  • John Sickels has his preliminary Nats Top 20 up at Minor League Ball and the #1 is as expected. I’m working on my own top prospect list and should have it up within a week or so
  • and on a final note, Dan Steinberg tweeted that the Post is now looking for a new Nats beat writer after Chico Harlan decided to pursue other opportunities. I enjoyed his writing as he attempted to find different angles of a really bad team. I’ve learned over the years how much of a drain the day in and day out can be … and that’s just me doing the Across the Affiliates and other stuff I do here at NFA. I don’t have to see the players, managers, management every day, fostering relationships yet still attempting to be critical when the need arises. I don’t have to work under tight deadlines attempting to bring an interesting perspective to gamers. The other major sports have many more off-days that allow for a battery recharge. Harlan has his detractors, especially after his Washingtonian interview earlier this year, but I want to thank him and wish him the best of luck.