Across the Affiliates 08/19/09

had a story last night that the Nationals were close to naming their permanent GM, and that the choice will be Arizona Diamondbacks executive Jerry Dipoto over interim GM Mike Rizzo and Boston Red Sox executive Jed Hoyer.

My initial feeling is the timing of this really could not be worse (assuming a decision is imminent). Rizzo was a key part of completing the biggest contract in draft history with Stephen Strasburg. Whether or not Rizzo is going to be the full-time GM moving forward, to make an announcement on the heels of the Strasburg negotiations is another example of how tone deaf this team can be in making decisions. Making the decision now (or within the next week or so) moves the story from the feel-good of Strasburg to “Why now?” of making such an important decision.

Before we can too far ahead of ourselves, Mark Zuckerman of the Washington Times posted the following which bears watching

The GM decision can’t really be made until Stan Kasten has decided whether to remain as team president or not. There haven’t been many rumors lately about Kasten’s potential departure, and certainly there’s reason to believe he’s going to stick around here a while longer. And if he stays, [a person who knows the Nationals front office well] believes, Rizzo likely gets the GM job. If Kasten were to leave, though, then whoever the new team president was would have to have the final say on a GM.

That being said, it is the Lerners responsibility to hire the person they believe can best move this franchise forward from here out. And as I have said on numerous occasions, whoever that choice is needs to be allowed to assemble their own staff from field manager to scouting to player development.

Onto last night across the affiliates …

Back to back to back to back singles in the bottom of the ninth led Syracuse to a 1-0 victory over Buffalo (box). 2B Seth Bynum (2/4) led off the ninth with a single, followed by the same from 1B Daryle Ward (2/4 with a double) and CF Justin Maxwell (1/4). SS Ian Desmond’s third hit of the night helped the Chiefs walk off with the win. RHP Marco Estrada was strong in his eight innings of work, allowing five hits and two walks while striking out six. RHP Clint Everts picked up the win with a scoreless ninth, allowing one hit and striking out one.

Today: Buffalo (pitcher TBA) at Syracuse LHP Ross Detwiler (1-2, 3.62) 7:05PM

Harrisburg fell 7-2 at home to Altoona (box/gamer). LHP Aaron Thompson gave up five runs (one earned) on nine hits over 6IP while striking out three. RHP Adrian Alaniz allowed two runs on five hits in 2IP. 1B Chris Marrero was 1/4 with a run scored in his Double-A debut. 3B Matt Whitney was 1/3 with a double; LF Leonard Davis was 1/4; CF Mike Daniel was 1/4; and CA Luke Montz was 1/3 with a solo homer. Notes: To make room for Marrero on the roster, the Senators placed OF Marvin Lowrance on the DL.

Today: Altoona RHP Tim Alderson (8-1, 3.50) at Harrisburg RHP Erik Arnesen (7-5, 3.39) 7PM

Potomac split a doubleheader in Winston-Salem, winning the first game 3-1 (box) and losing the second 2-0 (box). In the first game, RHP Adam Carr pitched a seven-inning complete game, giving up a run on four hits while striking out two. SS Danny Espinosa was 1/3 with a run scored; RF Michael Burgess was 0/1 with two walks; 1B Tim Pahuta was 1/2 with one RBI; CA Devin Ivany was 1/3 with a double & run scored; and CF Boomer Whiting was 1/3 with a solo homer. In the second game, LHP Patrick McCoy made the spot start, allowing two unearned runs on three hits and a walk over 3IP with three strikeouts. RHP Osvaldo Rodriguez struck out three onver two scoreless innings of relief. The P-Nats managed only three hits on offense, a double by RF Jesus Valdez and singles by Whiting & 2B Michael Martinez. Notes: Not sure why RHP Trevor Holder got skipped in the rotation.

Today: Potomac LHP Tim Milone (9-4, 3.13) at Winston-Salem RHP Anthiny Carter (11-5, 3.98) 7PM

Hagerstown did not play on Tuesday.

Today: Hagerstown RHP Juan Jaime (2-0, 2.40)  at Lakewood (pitcher TBA) 7:05PM

The New York/Penn League All-Star Game saw the AL defeat the NL 4-2 (box). SS Sean Nicol was 0/2; 2B Francisco Soriano was 0/2 with a walk and strikeout; LHP Mitchell Clegg pitched one inning, allowing a hit and walk with one strikeout; and LHP Evan Bronson surrendered a solo homer in his one inning of work while striking out two.

Today: Jamestown RHP Erick Carillo (3-2, 2.72) at Vermont LHP Jack McGeary (2-3, 2.62) 7:05PM

LHP Danny Rosenbaum picked up his third win of the season as the GCL Nationals defeated the GCL Cardinals 8-1 (box). Rosenbaum allowed a run on four hits and a walk over 5IP with sevens trikeouts. RHP Dean Weaver pitched a scoreless inning of relief, walking one and striking out two. RHP Ruben De La Rosa struck out four over two scoreless innings. And, RHP Wilson Eusebio struck out one in his one inning of work. CF Eury Perez was 3/4 with two runs scored; SS Justino Cuevas was 2/5 with a stolen base, two runs & two RBI; 2B Hendry Jimenez was 3/3 with a double, stolen base, RBI and two runs scored; 1B Brett Newsome was 2/4 with a triple, run & two RBI; CA Adrian Nieto was 2/4 with a stolen base; and LF Derrick Phillips was 1/4 with a run scored.

Today: GCL Astros at GCL Nationals 12PM

The DSL Nationals fell 5-3 to the DSL Indians (box).RHP Pedro Encarnacion gave up three runs (one earend) on five hits and three walks over 4IP; RHP Wandy Guzman took the loss, surrendering two runs (one earned) on two hits over 3IP. RHP Yunior De La Rosa struck out two over 2IP. The DSL Nats managed only three hits on offense, singles by 2B Alejandro Hodge, DH Joseph Cabreja, and 3B Jairo Bernabel.

Today: DSL Nationals at DSL Reds 10:30AM

  1. #1 by John - August 19th, 2009 at 08:42

    Disaster if this is true about Rizzo…Let’s hope Steinberg doesnt have to revive his “Nats-Fail” entries…Rizzo has done a comendable job (save the head-scratcher moves with Johnson and Beimel) and no one can discount his role in the SS negotiations…

    The Lerners are just starting to show some signs of commitment to improving the product/image of this organization…I guess it was too much to hope that the trend would continue

  2. #2 by cjrugger - August 19th, 2009 at 08:44

    That wouldn’t make any sense, I’d be shocked if that announcement was made soon

    Rosenbaum is obviously too good for the GCL, promote him please

    “Notes: Not sure why RHP Trevor Holder got skipped in the rotation.” - I think I do…

  3. #3 by Hendo - August 19th, 2009 at 08:54

    I’m reserving judgment on this because not only are there too many possible outcomes — for instance, who knows but that Rizzo becomes team president if Kasten leaves? — but too many things we don’t know about what goes on behind closed doors at 1500 S. Capitol.

    When and as something finally does happen, the story will be as much or more in how the Nats handle the transition as in the transition itself.

  4. #4 by Marcus - August 19th, 2009 at 09:04

    As many have said no one know’s whats going on behind the scenes. Rizzo’s done a gr8 job bringing talent to the organization, handling the situation in the Dominican, Strasburg, etc… maybe just maybe he is being groomed for the President position which I think would be nice. Then he hires Dipoto as his GM. Would definitely be an interesting move by the team, then again I have no idea what exactly team president does and if Rizzo is qualified.

    The Lerners, Kasten, etc… aren’t morons they’ve made they’re money through plenty of smart business moves so if Dipoto’s the man I guess I’ll support it. But I think we’ll all always support Rizzo after what he’s done for the franchise.

    Anyways, Eury Perez is ready for a move. Can’t wait to see how he does at the next level; really looks like a sleeper in the system. Has anyone been to the GCL to see this kid play?

  5. #5 by Pilchard - August 19th, 2009 at 10:38

    Did Dipoto and Rizzo work together in Arizona? Is it possible that Kasten leaves and Dipoto is the new team president and Kasten is the permanent GM?

    Just seems strange that the Nats would hire another front-office person from the same organization if it was just to have one replace the other. FWIW, the D-backs seemed to be in better shape before Rizzo left.

  6. #6 by ckstevenson - August 19th, 2009 at 12:22

    Going to see the P Nats on Sunday, where should I sit? Cheap seats because there are no bad seats in a minor league park (which I believe to be true from years of experience). Or do it Tony Plush style and get the fancy on field box seats?

  7. #7 by Brian Oliver - August 19th, 2009 at 12:25

    ck – Most seats there are pretty good. And the on the field box seats along 1B line are cheap and have wait service.

    Only caveat, the sun is right in your eyes behind home plate and up 1B line

  8. #8 by Robin - August 19th, 2009 at 12:27

    Get the field box seats if you are only going to one game this season.

  9. #9 by Mark - August 19th, 2009 at 13:04

    At this point, I don’t think Eury is a sleeper – he’s caught on since last year and been hot since he arrived. I do want to see him face higher competition and see if his base steeling savvy gets slowed down by stronger arms.

  10. #10 by Sue Dinem - August 19th, 2009 at 13:36

    The field box seats at the Pfitz are not the best seats – too close to the field and a haven for line-drive fouls (read: getting struck). Wait service is available for all box seats, Secs A-F, H-M (G is reserved for players & scouts).

    Sundays are day games so the sun won’t be in your eyes, just beating down your back (seriously, why is it easier to find a roof in the North than the South?) but for future reference, if that does bother you, it sets in LF, so you’d be best off sitting on the 3B side.

  11. #11 by Sue Dinem - August 19th, 2009 at 13:40

    BTW, Brian – Any word on which position player will be replacing Marrero?

  12. #12 by Brian Oliver - August 19th, 2009 at 13:47

    SueD- nope

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