The right choice of pillows according to the materials

First of all, a pillow is personal choice for each family member. Instead of buying the same pillow for all, you must choose the right for each person from the desire to create harmony in the interior bedroom. A pillow is often an investment for years, so take care of it. If you are looking for the right pillow, read on. For more about your sleeping buddies, visit

Pillows should not only support the head, but also the cervical spine which should be laid full on the pillow with the neck, not just the head. One of the most important criteria for the choice of a pillow is the filling. What your pillow is made of determines its characteristics, so remember to take in into account. Here, in this article, you can find guideline to make your decision.

There are many materials that are currently used as fillings for pillows, but they can be divided into two basic types – natural and synthetic.

Synthetic fillings have their advantages: they are cheaper than natural and easier to take care in long term – they can be easily washed in the machine. However, many people consider them harmful to health, as all other unnatural material.

Natural fillings are anyway greener than filling made from artificial materials, but they can not be suitable for people with allergies. Unlike synthetic fillers pillows, pillows with natural fillers are more expensive and more difficult to maintain the quality as the time goes by. A bamboo pillow may be fine for people who feel hot during sleep.


Synthetic fillers are hypoallergenic and suitable for many people

Synthepon – Reasonable- price and common filler: pillows made of this material are odorless. The lifespan is usually about 10 years. The dust mites can not destroy them and they can be washed easily in the machine.

Comforel – Filler in the form of fluffy balls: This is one of the most popular synthetic fillers for pillows because they are so easy to clean both by hand and by washing machine. They can replace feathers and down because these pillows can be washed at a temperature of 40 ° C

Silicon – is also used as a filling material for pillows. These cushions are elastic and can recover their form faster than others, and also become higher when their whips are developed. This material is developed in the USA and designed for use in space

Most synthetic filling pillows can be considered as pillows filled with memory function, or filled with viscoelastic foam. Such a pillow fit perfectly to the shape of the head and neck of a man who sleeps on them and then recovers its original shape slowly.

Memory foam -Soft filler, but the support are hard enough, the memory cell distributes pressure across the entire surface of the body.

Pillows with memory effect are designed for people suffering from headaches, back pain, sciatica and other problems affecting the condition of the spine. Washing these pillows is not possible since the water destroys the structure of the filler, and they will then lose the ability to “remember”.


Natural filler pillows

The following pillows with natural fillers: feathers and down have always been considered the best out of all. And who want to have a comfortable sleep will not change his mind. These pillows are really comfortable, and they may be the best if you do not have allergies. And today they are quite rare, and rare means quite expensive.

The percentages of down and feather can only be 2%, or perhaps all 90%. The cost of the pillow depends on it. The more down and feather is stuffed, the more expensive the pillow. But the most expensive does not mean the right one. Some may want harder pillows with a large proportion of natural filling, and some only need soft and thin cushions.

Cushion made of sheep wool is also not suitable for people with allergies, but they have positive effect on health in general. For rheumatoid and arthritis patients who usually suffer from pain in the joints and muscles, these pillows are beneficial to health, but they have a major drawback: they quickly roll. Only a few months the cushion will come into decay, and perform frosted fleece in a normal condition.

Silk pillows – They are made of natural silk. The filler is derived from derived from. First, they are stretched to get an original web which is thinnest and then repeatedly folded and placed in a bag of cotton painting so that it does not fall off, has no smell, and does not cause allergies.

Pillows filled with silk are expensive, and some people find them very soft. For people who want a stiffer and less expensive pillow should look for a mixing filling of silk filler with the addition of silicone.

Perhaps herbal filler is one of the best for people with various diseases, under stress and irritability. Filling of hops, herbs, rice and buckwheat provide you with anti-allergenic properties but also the effect of aromatherapy to create massage effect for the scalp and help to relax. But the drawback is also clear here: a pillow of herbal fillings is short-lived and can last only for about 2 years. In addition, when in motion, they rustle, and it can interfere with restful sleep.

The special orthopedic pillows are made of natural rubber latex. It is known that the latex is made from the resin of rubber plants. It seems that it perfectly supports the head and neck, adjusting its shape, and then when one man goes out of the pillow, its shape recovers slowly. The durability of such pillows is simply incredible. They can serve 20 years without its positive qualities, remaining soft and supple. As a result, they cost more than other pillows of natural materials.

The most favorable variation pillows are natural cotton, but today they are almost not used. Cotton – 100% natural material and does not cause allergies, but thins out very quickly. It is best to choose a pillow personally – because everyone is different from each other and then your sleep  will be calm, deep and healthy.


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