Summer camp: do not forget to follow these tips

Find out how to choose the best beach and attachments you should pack. If you decide to build a campfire, remember to turn it off before going to sleep and carry extra bags to put the waste you generate.

Make your holiday fun but also safe days. If you decide to camp, there are certain things you should always have with you. Remember that it is better to be prepared for the unexpected. We tell you how to make your perfect summer camp.

How to settle

-Look Level ground and remove stones and branches. Avoid sunken areas because your tent if it rains could flood.

Among the most commonly used is the igloo model, because they are light, and its structure is composed of plastic studs. From S / 60 in Sodimac and S / 30 Promart.

It’s advisable to install the cheap tents for sale at a distance of 15 meters from the shore at least. This will help avoid any incidents when the tide rises.

-Preferably, creates a shady area next to the tent that allows you to keep safe from the sun during the day.

The right place

Before choosing a beach, look to have the blue flag, that means it is clean. If red means it is not suitable for bathers.

Watch out for the dangerous. Salvage Unit of the National Police reported that several beaches ranging from Ancon to Cañete are high risks, such as Playa Grande in Santa Rosa, Octopus, and Punta Negra.

Among your options is beach camping: Puerto Viejo (km 71.5 of the Panamericana Sur) and Take and Calla (km75 of the Panamericana Norte). Another alternative is Sarapampa (km 107 of the Panamericana Sur).


So the sky is cloudy, avoid exposing too much sun between 10: 00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to not suffer heat stroke, whose symptoms are a headache and dehydration.

If you are walking in the sand, wearing sandals to avoid infections, burns, and cortex.Para the pebbly beaches and water sports, it is better closed as escaping for water ( ‘aqua shoes’) shoes.

If you decide to build a campfire, do not forget to turn it off before going to sleep and carry extra bags to put the waste you generate.

Essential equipment

-Linterna Or lamp: remember to bring batteries and additional focus.

-Polyethylene -Bags: to protect delicate items from moisture and sand.

-Mounting kit first aid: include aloe vera gel for sunstroke.

-Cuchillo purpose.

-Sleeping bags

-The Synthetic filter tends to be cheaper but voluminous.Son heavy and moisture resistant.

– The duvet of feathers or are more expensive but offer more shelter than sintéticasy are more compact.

– Always use a mat or insulation under the sleeping bag for warmth and humidity of the floor.

Tips for Camping in Winter

Not because it is coming frost season we have to stop camping, indeed many people prefer this time to venture amidst the mountains and deserted beaches.

However, this date should be increased and care recommendations to not sleep poorly or miss a walk from the cold.

It is important to remember that camping at this time, the volume of luggage will be significantly higher than in other seasons, but not this should stop wearing something that is considered necessary since the end of the exit this could make a difference.

Here we leave some tips for a successful winter adventure:

– Dress in layers because it keeps the body heat better. At the same time, it uses a rain cover to keep your clothes from getting wet because of the rain. (Link rain cover).

– Bring a sleeping bag appropriate to maintain the heat and resist freezing temperatures. We recommend our bags Nautika Tantrik (-4 ° C) (link), Antarctic (-7 ° C) (link), or Everest (-10 ° C) (link), depending on weather conditions of your destination.

– Before going to sleep, it is advisable to have a calorie dinner to help you build and maintain temperature. A hot drink or some exercise before bed will also contribute to heat our body.

– It is advisable to wear a thick thermal insulation to avoid direct contact with the floor of the tent. In the case of insulation having an aluminum face, this is what should be used in direct contact with the ground. This gum to isolate soil moisture.

– For chilly, here’s a nugget: heated two liters of water but let it boil, pour it in a returnable plastic bottle, cover and place it safely in the bag in the footwell.

– When choosing a tent for this season, want one that resists rain and snow. At the same time, choose a tent with windows for ventilation. In our tents, we recommend Nautica Nepal (link) and Minipack (link) of our Aztec line.

– Campfires also help enough to heat the room, but only make them away from the tent and if you have experience. Remember that the fire is not played.

We hope these tips to enjoy comfortable and safe beauty winter landscapes that offer way and have an unforgettable experience. For more tips, visit http://www.familytentcenter.com/

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