Like a mattress, a good pillow is the first guarantee of a good rest. If you wake up with a sore neck or shoulder, it may be time to change your pad. To achieve a good rest is necessary for the head, neck and spine aligned: That is what the pillow. Its aim is to contribute to the proper posture of the spine so that the muscles to relax and may favor a good rest and good breathing. Needless to say, more to understand the importance of choosing well the pillow, but there is no perfect pillow to choose it must take into account the sleep habits and physical complexion of each. Until you have your perfect pillow, ask homily how to get it.


It is one of the first things you should take into consideration when you go to choose the right pillow. Feather pillows or synthetic fibers are very flexible and can look perfect precisely because of this, but are only recommended for those who sleep on their stomachs and not suffer any neck or back ailments. It is recommended to opt for bamboo memory foam pillow.

Sleep position influences

When choosing a good pillow, it is essential to consider the way you sleep. If you usually sleep on their backs, it is advisable to purchase a not very thick pillow, since, in this case, the pad acts as a support for the neck and head, and no treatment for certain ailments. And if you sleep face down, the best choice is a soft, thin and flexible pillow. People who adopt this sleeping posture often embrace the pillow or catch it, which is why a feather or synthetic fibers are ideal to adapt the filling and place it where needed, bedroom or couch.

The quality

Pillows with memory system are highly recommended because they adapt fully to you. These pillows are perfect for people who move around a lot when they sleep. With these carcaterísticas, we found the pillows latex and viscoelastic. Latex pillows are soft texture, viscoelastic, however, have more firmness and therefore greater adaptability.

The price

At the time of choosing a pillow, do not you guide for the price since choosing the cheapest pillow would be a big mistake. Low-cost pillows tend to be of poor quality and therefore harmful to health and wellness. Buy the right pad, despite having a higher price. It is a long-term investment for its durability and resistance. The low cost, however, you must change a year or year and a half to acquire them.


There is a kind of formula that identifies what extent should the perfect pillow. Look how with a meter measures the distance between the end of the shoulder to the face (to where the ear). A result is that should add between 2 and 4 cm, depending on the desired hardness. Therefore, those with wider shoulders need a thicker than those with narrower shoulders pillow.

Care and maintenance

Once chosen, it is important to take good care of your pillow, you lengthen its life, which can range up to about five years. Aerates the usually pillow: open the windows before making the bed, and ventílala well, air, once a week. Turn it around often, so you avoid it deformed. Buy a washable pillow and do it at least once or twice a year. Use a protective sheath that, that yes, you should wash every two months, the pillowcase, logically, every time you change the sheets.

Keep in mind the special needs

Did you know that there are pillows that prevent snoring? As the best position to rest and not to wake everyone with the serenade noise is side and the right column, you should have adequate support to these needs. Obstructive apnea occurs when airways are closed entirely or almost entirely. There are patients who have the “apnea position”, i.e., only snore when they sleep on their backs. To avoid this, it is necessary to use a not too high pillow and the head will not be bent forward and the pipes will not clog. In the niche market, we can find specially designed for those wishing to take a lateral position and not cause airway closures models.

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