Tips: Clean the inside of your car

Follow the steps needed to clean the inside of your car and discover some tips to polish your car. Click here for the best car vacuum.

Floor mats and carpets

Begin by removing the floor mats and shake them out.

Then vacuum around your vehicle. Use a long thin beak, which can slip into inaccessible places, between the seats for example.

If your carpets are stained, you can rent a carpet cleaner, also use vacuum injection / extraction, which injects water, and a detergent product before vacuuming.

If you have lots of dog hair or cat, for example, use a brush along the cleaner to loosen the carpet.

Finally, in the case of bad odor, use baking soda: sprinkle all over the carpet, let sit for several hours and then vacuum again.

The vehicle’s windows

Wash all interior tiles (front windshield and rear window) with glass cleaner and a soft cloth. Consider also mirrors.

Caution: when cleaning the rear window, place your cloth in the horizontal direction, the defrosting filaments, to avoid damage.

The seats

If the fabric is stained, you can also use a carpet cleaner or baking soda.

If they are leather, have a special product for car leather to hydrate and soften your leather. They may crack if they are not maintained.

The dashboard

To clean the instrument panel, use a microfiber cloth, which removes dust.

Use a thick brush and vacuum cleaner to reach the corners of the vents.

If you want to polish your dashboard, avoid silicone-based products. This material may be deposited on the body and prevent the painting hanging in case of retouching. Also, your driving could become slippery with silicone.

Cleaning the interior of your car

Simple solutions to often repeat

The cleaning of the car is important not only for comfort but also to maintain the brilliance of the materials presenting and the fight against bad odors.

Similarly, for the resale of your vehicle, the regularity of your interview is important, insofar as it is difficult to catch a lack of maintenance.

The importance of regular cleaning inside the car

The internal cleaning of the car has to be done at different levels.

Carpets and mats

The shake and vacuum regularly is a must.

After being used, moisture can be transmitted to the floor and cause corrosion thereof. It is best to change them or drying them regularly.

Carpet products or baking soda can allow you actually to get rid of bad odors and do a deep cleaning.

Note: the regularity of your actions or those of a professional obviously depend on the use of your vehicle. In the city, the pollution is not visible, but equally messy.

Leather seats or cloth

The leather is cleaned and fed regularly to avoid installing or traces of tasks:

Maintenance is done with products produced commercially for this purpose (bid amount) based on beeswax or lanolin.

Synthetic is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner at home or refueling stations or car cleaning centers. Twice a year is not too many to prevent damage to them.

To remove odors, you can use a vacuum cleaner to injection / extraction that sends water into the seats. Aspiration of the water after rubbing your hand gets the grime that is embedded.

Bicarbonate is also another effective and inexpensive solution.

Plastic surfaces

Regarding all the laminated surfaces of your vehicle:

In trading, you will find a lot of products that clean your plastic. They are effective in general.

You also have the option of choosing the least expensive and equally effective solution using a sponge and detergent or liquid dish soap.

You can still revive the color of your plastic by renovates products, which are static.

For the dashboard, a damp microfiber is enough: it removes dust effectively without damaging it.

A cleaning inside the car by a professional

The auto maintenance entails significant costs, so it is useful and logical to study the offer and to make an assessment on the quality / price ratio.

The expertise of a professional normally ensures a quality that appears to match the price. But as with everything, the vigilance is required.

Prices are quite high, which is the result:

Time spent, rather large;

Used products, and many quite expensive;

Service offerings (home cleaning), although handy when lack of time.

For a big budget, this solution can regularly be seen, but for the tight exchanges, it makes more sense to do the cleaning on your own.


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