Car startup problems due to technical reasons

Below are some problems due to technical reasons:

  • An empty battery
    The battery is too weak to throw around the starter. Among the +/- 9 volts, the capacity of the best car battery is not sufficient. If you have the time for you battery charging using a battery charger, or if the battery is replaced worn. You should leave immediately. You can try to push the engine. With a more powerful engine, this will be tough. The battery jumper cables connected to the battery of another engine or a car than a solution. Launch after connecting of the “donor car” engine and then try to start its engine. Always connect the positive (+) and always the first to the (-) first.Do not you try it with the battery of a car that runs on diesel? After starting your battery is still not charged. This will be by riding to happen again. So make sure you engine stopping or turning off the engine before you have driven at least a kilometer or 30. Row, so to wondering, until your battery is recharged without lights. Unless it’s dark of course.
    Please note that almost every motor begins to charge above the 2000-3000 rpm, so idling does not work!
    You can get this problem with your battery easily prevented by connecting the battery to a trickle charger for storage. A bit of a nice trickle charger you can tell right away if your battery is okay.
    Most engines today have a “dry” maintenance-free battery. Have you not, then you need to make sure that check the battery fluid level promptly and if necessary.

  • A loose battery terminal
    Connection to your battery terminals is fixed with a screw. This will sometimes vibrate loose. If you have more plotting no power, check that the terminals are tight.
  • A blockage in the fuel supply
    if your engine has been stationary for a while, or if you have tanked it may happen once gasoline of poor quality which sediment in the fuel is causing a blockage in the gas supply.Start by opening your cap. You get the engine now starts, then the aeration of your tank and clogged the vacuum sucks. Aeration scavenging/cleaning and the problem should be resolved.Does opening the cap no result, disconnect the petrol tubing from the carburetor or fuel you and see if fuel comes out. (Tight bend to spill too much gasoline.) If there is no petrol out, then the tube is probably blocked. Pipe replacement or cleaning/purging. If you have a fuel filter, is there likely to clog?
    Is the blockage in the supply from your tank, then you should decrease your tank and rinse with clean fuel and the fuel supply must be clean / door should blow.
    Note course well that no petrol comes hot parts and do not after gasoline is spilled, your test spark plug against your frame or block.Problems in the fuel can be prevented mostly by an agent that dissolves deposits that form in the fuel system, such as by Forté, adding to your gas before you put the engine stall.
    Refuel Consistently good “brand gasoline” incidentally works better which any remedy whatsoever.
  • A defective fuse
    May have blown a fuse. Check fuses and copies, replace the fuse wire is blown. Make sure you know where you sit fuses and make sure you have spare fuses in.
  • Faulty circuit breaker
    The security switch driving away with a folded standard to prevent defective.This switch is controlled by your standard and makes that you can not start the engine if the default is off and the engine is in gear. Be the motor or start, but once you switched to first gear to drive off, the engine stops. Such a switch can also sit on the clutch lever.
    Be the switches one by connecting (bypassing) and check that the engine now starts. This transfer is done with a short electric wire ( a new addition to the baggage list). Do this precise, so you’re not on the road comes to a standstill, because you “bypass” is loose. Replace faulty circuit breaker as soon as possible. It is not called a circuit breaker.

  • Faulty start switch
    If you start button (due to corrosion) no more contacts with the press, will not start your engine.
    Opening and see if the start button is broken or rusted.
  • Leakage power
    Cable to the spark plug loose somewhere flow so it does not spark and not strike. This is often caused by moisture in the wiring. (Possibly due to the housing of the engine with a pressure washer.)
    Cables injected waterproofing electrospray spark plug caps and greased with Vaseline. Be careful with the use of waterproofing electrospray. Overuse occurs especially on a modern engine with lots electronica, more harm than good. A terrible contact is also not solved it. A better but more time-consuming solution is to check with a voltmeter that the poor contact occurs here and change the wiring. Among the means +/- 9 volts, a voltage loss.
  • Moisture in the carburetors
    by condensation of moisture in your block moisture can get into your carburetors. (Have you been so stubborn to start your engine for one minute in the winter?). An engine is not running on water and will not start.
    Below you are a screw carburetor to drain your carburetors and which you can also let the moisture from your carburetors walk.

  • Worn spark plugs
    If the spark plug is worn or dirty spark will be produced by the spark plug are insufficient to run the motor.
    You can test your spark plug by turning it out of the cylinder, or to empty the block and see if the spark plug still connected to the spark plug wire still produces a spark and if this is a bright blue flash. Is this not the case then you can replace the spark plug. Is the spark plug very stain, then there is something wrong with the adjustment of your bike or motorcycle using a lot of oil. The problem goes further than a starting problem. But to still be able to drive replacement or scraping can bioburden and possibly the spark plug to make sure you can hit anyway. It is advisable to check or fast to make you fill has become so dirty.
  • Start Ether
    There are special sprays “begins trial” (= ether) for sale, you can spray the air inlet to facilitate starting.

Furthermore, we can not advise you as non-technicians. Are you not repaired starting problems, then it is time to contact the motor case where you have engine maintenance. It happens on your way; then you’re happy with a membership of AA or similar emergency.
You Manually enter the maintenance; then the above suggestions may open doors.But the non-amateur mechanics are hopefully benefited from this.

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