How to buy the best pillow for your mattress

There are so many different kinds of pillows for sale prices range from less than ten euros to hundreds of euros. Everyone has their preferences, but the choice of a pillow depends on your mattress. Please note there so well when you buy one. Also, the best memory foam mattress topper is recommended.

Content of this article

  • Sleep Posture
  • Hard or soft mattress
  • Types of pillows
  • Physical features
  • Buying tips for pillows

It is important to pay attention to some points if you buy a new pillow. Which pillow for you is best depends on:

  • Your favorite sleeping position, this is also important when choosing the right mattress.
  • How hard is your mattress
  • Physical properties such as perspiration and allergies.
  • Your preferences for materials and moldability of the pillow.

Sleep Posture

A pillow makes your head while sleeping too far forward or backward bending and not too far aside. The best is a pillow on which your head in a more or less straight aligned with your spine. Also in the choice of the right mattress, this is important. So we test mattresses.

When choosing the right pillow is important your favorite sleeping position. You sleep on your back, side or stomach? Belly sleepers are best off with a very thin cushion. Because on your belly, you lie at an unnatural and uncomfortable position. With a thin cushion hamper, you’re breathing the least.

Hard or soft mattress

How hard is your mattress, you can test by without lie pillow in your favorite sleeping position. The further you head backward or sideways bending, the thicker your pillow should be to correct the unnatural position. The softer the mattress, the thinner your pillow should be.

Very thin pillows are hard to find. Looking for a very thin cushion? Then better to choose a pillow that can get out of your dressing. Note: zipper does not necessarily mean that you can also get from filling. So check this before purchase.

Types of pillows

Roughly speaking, these are the most used pillow fillings:

  • Feather and down.
  • Polyester indicated in the shop as “synthetic filling.
  • Visco-elastic foam also called memory foam or memory foam.

Pillow fillings usually consist of feathers and not so often down. The characteristics of cushions with down and feathers are:

  • High formability of the filling.
  • Difficult to wash
  • Sensitive to dust mites.
  • Feather filling makes pretty much noise.
  • Feathers may have hard, sharp spring bars. This can sometimes feel the tick away, and sometimes they even come through.


  • Available in many types, qualities and price ranges.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Relatively elastic, so less ‘malleable’ or a feather pillow.

Visco-elastic foam

  • In the form of flakes or solid block.
  • Reacts to body heat.
  • May feel sweaty.
  • Their shape, especially the blocks.
  • A solid block it takes extra effort to move your head.
  • The filling is usually washable, sometimes the ticking.

Physical features

Perspire a lot?


  • A mattress cover made of natural material such as cotton.
  • A synthetic filling.
  • A pillow that you can wash at 60 ° C in the washing machine.

Do not choose:

  • A filling of feathers or down. Such a cushion can bother you.
  • A filling of memory foam, and certainly not a solid block. Also, memory foam feels quickly sweaty.
  • Learn what to look for in your mattress when you perspiring.

Are you allergic to dust mites?


  • A pillow that you can wash at 60 ° C in the washing machine.
  • A very densely woven ticking or demolition which dust mites holds.

Do not choose:

  • A filling of feathers or down, because dust mite thrives here.
  • A pillow which you very much to sweat because dust mites love a moist environment.
  • A pillow that you can not wash.
  • Also, check out our other tips for sleep without allergies.

Buying tips for pillows

Will you purchase a pillow? Pay attention to these issues:

  • Thick or thin. Try the pillow in the store. Do this on a mattress which is similar in materials and hardness of your mattress and your favorite sleeping position. See if you can lie comfortably.
  • Exchange. Ask what the possibilities and conditions to exchange the kiss as he pleases.
  • Forms. Try kissing fulfills your wishes in moldability. Please note that a shapeable pillow is different from a firm cushion.
  • Odor. Please note that there is no smell of kissing is that you find annoying. The smell of a cushion you can clear remember, even if it is pulled away.
  • Sound. Pay attention to the sound of a kiss. In general, make cushions with a high percentage of the soundest springs.

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