Treatment for Overweight Dogs

Nothing makes a dog happier than eating. Overweight dogs have health problems, so it’s important to keep a right balance between exercise and nutrition for your dog.

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If you’re worried that your dog might be too thick, it is about time to stop by the vet. Who can tell you whether it’s because you eat too much dog shows, or that there is another serious reason for it, such as a thyroid problem or diabetes or fleas? Then you must have proper treatments, for example, best flea treatment for dogs

A diet with fewer calories can help you lose weight dog while he still gets inside all the necessary nutrients. Our Adult Light dry food contains 30% less fat and fewer calories per meal than our natural products for adult dogs.

Hiking with your dog helps him to slim down. If your dog has not walked much lately, start with a brisk daily walk of ten minutes – make it after a few weeks of a 20-minute walk. And play with the dog is also a good way to give him some exercise.

How much exercise your puppy need?

Twice a day exhausts half an hour, the usual advice. But you should also take into account the growth and body shape of your dog.

The risks of too much exercise for your puppy

It seems that your puppy’s never run out of batteries, but he also really needs sufficient rest. The bigger your pup, the more chance he has joint pain and youngsters can have serious health problems if they have too much movement.

Take it easy in the beginning

If you run too fast in the start that you and your puppy might be both tired and stiff. Care after the walk is also important. Shade and cool water on hot days and warm, draft-free place to take a nap in the winter.

Adjust the motion to the breed

A Whippet let you apparently different from a Basset. But it is less clear that some breeds with short noses like the Bulldog, Boxer, and Pug, can quickly become out of breath and perhaps shorter but more should be elated. (If you vigorously puppy panting, breathing irregularly, staggers or barely breathe, you have to be quick to the vet.)

Training is also moving

Regular exercise is not only good for the body of your puppy. It also prevents him get bored or going to destroy everything. You can avoid this by ensuring that enough exercise and workout is in his daily program.

It’s a good idea to have your puppy early to learn to walk on a leash, “on foot” next to you, and not with him on the line to run after him. Try our tips about raising your dog to see how you are training your dog easier.


Toys such as balls and Frisbees are fun for dog and owner. But pull your dog out of her mouth, his young teeth are not suited for that kind of wild games.

Try to stick to a fixed routine

Puppies are usually morning and evening most active, so you’ll probably want it then exhausts – before they get food. Let him less if the weather is bad, but rather save it is not because your puppy accustomed to the regularity. If you go at night exhaust your puppy, that means he goes to sleep to relax, and that is exactly what you want.

Proper care

Researchers have made groundbreaking discoveries about how specific nutrients can increase the resistance of a dog against medical and physical problems.

Extra protection for puppies and older dogs

The research has shown that puppies have a stronger immune system and healthier if they get extra antioxidants. Which are also good for older dogs because they protect against age-related diseases. So our Junior and Senior products are rich in antioxidants to provide protection if the dog that can use it best.

Reduce the risk of kidney problems

Older dogs often have kidney problems. Researchers found that if you keep the amount of phosphorus in the diet in mind, this may reduce the risk of kidney damage. Our products are made for older dogs with that thought.

Keep older dogs supple and alive

Older dogs often have joint problems – especially breeds like Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherd. But after investigating the potential benefits of the green-lipped mussel, it has been shown that daily supply can give back its natural resilience in six weeks.


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