Is the pack and play safe?

Pack and play must, like other children’s products, be safe in the first place. This applies both to their construction as well as for the materials which are used. Most pack and plays carry a GS seal and are checked on strict compliance with European safety standards.

An option that must have is the locking mechanisms so that the pack and play can not automatically move. Doors and loopholes should be adequately secured and can not be opened by the child himself. This applies to both hinged grids as well as in zippers.

Of course, to pay attention to the quality, break-proof and fireproof material is required. When the pack and play is made of wood, it is also important that all parts are smooth, shatterproof and all hinges are secured. With the painting and processing of wood or plastic or metal, parents should pay attention to environmental and health friendly paints and sealers. Finally, it is possible that the child comes with the tongue / mouth in contact with the surfaces.

The shockproof plastic cover on the connecting elements of individual lattice sites and well-covered screw grooves and help continue to increase the safety for the child. Just upholstery can be useful to the grids in order to avoid injury when kicking or turning. Make sure there is shatter-proof edge in mattresses so that the child does not slip while running and the limbs stuck in the grids. Also, mattresses and deposits secure the child – at least from the cold and as padding against injury by falling down. As for the frames, these parts should have no harmful substances.

Should we buy used pack and play?

In principle, there is nothing wrong with buying used pack and play. In any case, this decision is always dependent on how well the respective pack and play still exists and whether traces affect the functionality.

If hinges splintered rusted, you should refrain from buying. Also it should be noted that in private sales there is generally no guarantee, but a disclaimer. Have things like inserts, mattresses or transporting bags relatively easy and inexpensive to buy more, so this may be an argument for the purchase of used pack and play. It is also important to gather information before buying about the model and its security seals and tests. Especially with wood as material moisture can cause major damage, metal rusts quickly if it was not kept dry.

In this purchase, one must distinguish between repairable, aesthetic and concern damage and investigate used pack and play then – this is very accurate and best in daylight. Then you can ask yourself if it is really worth, a used pack and play cheap to buy and grind it in homework and to repaint or seal. Depending on where and with whom you want to buy used pack and play, detailed advice from specialist retailers or research can help on your own, so you better know a little, what to look for in detail.

Sometimes used playpens can also have fatigue in the material. This may apply to the fasteners as well as for hinges, rollers, zips and closing mechanisms for doors and / or loopholes or with collapsible pack and play and door grilles. Such elements can be replaced. No matter what you expanding and new uses: The stability and steadiness should always be guaranteed, as well as general safety should come first in used pack and play. Finally, it should be noted that even when used pack and play it pays to buy a model that can be retrofitted without any problems.

What requirement does a pack and play must meet?

When buying a pack and play, it is important to note many small and large details. So parents should know in advance clearly where they want to place the pack and play and which shape corresponds to the spatial conditions in the apartment at best.

Also makes the price to quality and its compatibility with the benefits for everyday use, of course, a crucial role. Massive and stable wooden constructions cost a bit more, have a longer life for, but less flexible than plastic versions. Furthermore, it must be ensured that the pack and play carries a seal of approval regarding compliance with European standards for safety and not adverse health paints and sealers.

Not insignificant, it may be for smaller dwellings, whether and how easy it is folded and stowed a pack and play. Are there detention facilities at playpens itself, so that the child can pull up? How can we adjust the floor? The processing is important. Rounded edges, covered fasteners are the most important things to consider.

Furthermore, the padding of the soil is not insignificant. Can the grids be used even as a separate room divider and guard? How high is the material and there is a guarantee the legally required two years out? Are closed and not open for the child doors or removable slip bars available that sometimes the back of the parents particularly sparing and can be used flexibly?


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