Tips for designing kitchens

Buying a kitchen requires good preparation. What are your expectations and wishes that are feasible

within the available space and your budget? Here are some tips for designing kitchens.

In the design of kitchens is, in fact, the adjustment of the kitchen environment for the user, or

ergonomics is one of the key principles. Nothing is more annoying when you work in your newly

designed kitchen and you get back pain from too low or load from your shoulders too high a worksheet.

The routing in kitchen design is very important for good ergonomics. The various functions in the kitchen

should therefore always efficiently be scheduled in relation to each other according to a system. What

can you do? Initially, we advise you to look knowingly at your current kitchen design and write down the

advantages and disadvantages now has the format. State of the dishwasher practical with respect to the

sink? Is there enough working space where you need it? Is the site of the refrigerator handy? Do you

have plenty of closet space and is scheduled where you need it? A kitchen design your own, below are

some tips that you should pay attention when deciding your new kitchen design.

1. Adequate workspace

Get plenty of worktop space. In particular, the work surface between the hob and the sink is widely used

in the rule. Minimum space is 60 cm. But this, of course, also depends on the available kitchen space.

Make sure the work area can remain free, so no coffee or tea. Reserve a place for these fixed devices on

the worksheet. Immediately think carefully where sockets for general use should be so that the devices

can actually stand on this spot on the counter.

2. A kitchen with a center island?

A kitchen island can be a good

solution to integrate a kitchen design with the total attend. But not every room is suitable for a design

with the island. It is important to know if your kitchen space can accommodate a kitchen island. The

distance between a wall of the kitchen and cooking island is ideally 120 cm. But there is some also

deviate from less than 90 cm. If space is not recommended. An experienced kitchen designer will tell

you so, whether the space is suitable for a kitchen island. Sometimes a free-standing kitchen island with

walking space around not possible, but can offer just that outcome again a peninsula. A major advantage of a

design kitchen with cooking or kitchen island is the openness. When working in the kitchen continues to

keep the user in touch with people in the other room (s). The kitchen is the heart of the home and

displays a lot of value to your living environment.

3. The ideal working height in the kitchen

The height of the kitchen worktop is an important choice when buying a new kitchen. Measure the

height of your current kitchen again and determine whether the height works nicely. Determine who are

the main users of the kitchen, so the working height can be adjusted to these people. There are

theoretical rules to determine the ideal working height, an experienced kitchen salesman tells you as

the ideal working height. While using the stove and cutting vegetables, you will experience the worktop

is not too high, you experience your shoulders at too high counter. Too low a worksheet you notice

when using the sink, doing the dishes with a curved back, causing back pain and means a low counter

top. In an upright posture must be closed in the palms of the hands to each other approximately level

with the bottom of the sink. Use a thick cutting board? than the thickness thereof also plays a role.

Worktop heights vary in most kitchen designs today between 92 and 97 cm.

4. Where do I put the refrigerator in the kitchen design?

How often do you use the refrigerator a day? More often than you think. Place the refrigerator

whenever possible at the correct height, a good overview of the entire contents of the refrigerator

ensures that you effectively use the contents of the refrigerator. Of course, a too high planned fridge is

not ergonomic.

That is all you need to know about kitchen design. Good luck!


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