Choose a baby swing that suits your need

The baby swing allows your baby to rest and play. The swing (mechanical or electrical) is rocking, calm the tears in crisis or moment of anxiety. The baby swing takes after of the baby when you get tired of rocking. The baby swing is the additional equipment that you can need for the baby.

The baby swing is a small porch with a seat that is suspended from it. It is complementary to the baby lounger. The swing allows a soft and pleasant rocking baby by offering a cozy and secure base. The distance between the feet of the baby swing can conjugate reliability and occupied space. The seat when to him is relatively low to the ground: on average, the spacing is approximately fifteen to twenty centimeters. The rocker allows your small to find healing and peace to facilitate sleep.

The baby swing can, therefore, be used at various times in the day, in the company of adults, or before bed to induce favorable baby relaxing sleep. Occasionally, some baby swings incorporate stimulating games that the swing and give a playful aspect. Several swing brands are known by parents for their quality and safety.

The baby bouncer or baby swing is essential equipment before the arrival of your baby. Used from birth, the baby swing is useful up to 9 months child about before his first step. It allows the child to rest, eat, play (with the toy arch) and swinging. It also makes traveling with your baby in the house, it allows you to take you to do something else while having your baby close to you. 3 criteria to be considered to make the purchase of a baby swing:


Choose preferably the baby swing cushion with a reducing and / or headrest, for your baby to be comfortable from his earliest days. It is advisable to choose a model with more opportunities of inclinations for comfort. The most advanced models incorporate a system of vibrations to soothe the child and / or a music box, even a rocking system.

The accessories

The classic accessory is the ark set (sold separately for some models). You can also add accessories to your needs: sun protection (canopy), protective cover for the seat …


If you choose a rocking model, make sure it has a safety belt preventing tilting the backrest. Always place the bouncer on the floor (not on a table or bed). Make sure the recliner has a strong attachment system: 3-point harness or lap belt and crotch. Finally, observe the maximum weight of the child indicated on the product.

How to choose a baby lounger?

Choosing a baby swing is not always easy! Between those which vibrate, those with a toy ark or those that resemble beanbags … There is something for everyone and for all budgets. How to choose a baby swing? Which to choose? Here are some tips to help you make your choice.

Besides the little gadgets you can find on each other and there are some important points that you should check before buying. From the time the recliner that you cover meets these conditions, free to you to choose the options and more that will make you crack! (Just as if you chose the options for your car).

  • It must be very careful in the seat. It must be wide enough and well comfortable.
  • Verifies that the baby swing of the cover is fully detachable (easily) and washable because you are not immune to small accidents!
  • Must ideally the baby swing has 3 positions (lying, half-sitting, sitting).
  • Verifies that it folds and unfolds easily
  • Verifies that it does not take too much space when folded for easy storage.

Which to choose?

This my selection for the baby swing:

1. The most ingenious

The baby swing reviews is from 135 €. The good padded seat is comfortable for baby. The cover is removable and washable. It folds easily and is very compact. More than just a baby swing, Graco DuetConnect LX Swing – Bouncer comfort allows you through a bracket (sold separately) to the baby at the right height whatever their age.

2. The most complete

Chicco I-Feel baby swing is about 155 €. Very comfortable, the seat is reclining on 3 positions. The seat is removable and machine washable. It folds flat and is easily transported (practice to fit under furniture for example). Can be put in a fixed position or rocking. It contains a set of several bar (music function, broadcast colored lights, and rattle bird).


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