How to remove rust stains

How to remove rust stain from bathtub and sinks

Rust in bathtubs and sinks

can develop at a great speed when they are not in use for a long time. This also happens when you do

not dry the tub and sink after use and there is a pool of water left. Rust stains can be unsightly and can

make your bathroom look dirty, especially if your tub and sink have a light color. The important thing is

that you are trying to remove the rust stains when they are just beginning to form in such a way that it

will not develop into a thicker rust stain which is difficult to remove. Find out how to remove rust stains

from your tub and sink with these simple instructions.

These are the steps you can follow to get rid of the rust stains on your bath and sink. The rust can

sometimes be caused by the quality of the water flowing through your pipes. There are minerals that

can form rust on the surface of your bath and sink. You can get a water filter for your water source or

place a filter on the spout of the faucet to filter out minerals and pure water for bathing and washing


Clean the tub and sink

First, clean the tub and sink. Then dry it with a clean cloth. You can also let it air dry or dry with an

electric fan which makes it easier.

Prepare materials

Prepare materials. While waiting to dry the bathtub and sink, you can already get the materials that you

will use. Prepare a sponge, toothbrush, clean rags, a bucket of water and toilet bowl cleaner. You also

need to wear while cleaning rubber gloves to avoid drying your skin from the toilet bowl cleaner.

Use the toilet bowl cleaner. Pour a few drops of toilet bowl cleaner on the rust stain and let set for a few

minutes. This will soften the rust, so it will be easier for you to clean later.

Use the cleaner water

Pour a few drops of dishwashing liquid water on the rust stains and let it sit for a few minutes. This will

soften the rust so that it will be easier for you to make clean later.

Scrub the rust

Use the toothbrush to scrub the rust that has formed on the bottom of the tub and the sink. You can

add more water or toilet bowl cleaner if it is hard to remove. Scrub until you get all the rust off.

Wipe the surface

After you remove rust with the toothbrush, you can use the sponge or a towel to wipe down the area in

the bath and the sink to get rid of the toilet bowl cleaner or clean water filter. Use the sponge and dip it

into the bucket of water for easy cleaning. Make sure there are no weak spots of rust left on your

bathtub and sink.

Rinse the tub and sink

The final step is to rinse the tub and sink coil so that it is ready for use. Use warm water, rinse the

surface of the bath and sink well.

Dry the areas

To dry the areas using clean rags, use rags, fibers that are not on the surface.

Tip for removing rust from nickel, porcelain, enamel, metal, cutlery or bathtub.

The removal of rust is dependent on the material on which the rust stain is located.

Rust on nickel

If there are objects in nickel have rust stains which are visible, you can remove these stains by rubbing

the rust spots with oil, to let in a few days and then take off with a soft cloth.

Rust on porcelain or enamel

At porcelain you remove rust stains with a paste of borax and vinegar.

Rust on metal (eg. Iron, etc.)

On metal, you can remove rust stains by making an ointment of salt and butter. You have to let it soak

for about an hour and then wipe with a cloth or paper towel.

Rust in the bathtub

Rust spots in a bathtub you can to get away by sanding with borax and lemon juice.

Rust on cutlery

Rust removers you of your knives, forks, and spoons by rubbing them with raw onion juice.

Do you have a rust stain on clothing or other textiles, read these tips.

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