How to hang wallpaper?

It begins with a hanger, flat walk, finishing repairs – with the choice of wallpaper … Of course, it is great

if you have the means to hire professionals for wallpaper and what about those who have barely just

enough money for the materials?

First I would recommend high-quality wallpaper because bad wallpaper choice can only ruin your work.

The second thing I always pay attention to? It is not required to select a pattern. Wallpapers selection

requires more skills and resources that need to correspond to the image cut off a portion of the

wallpaper. Hereby, the consumption of wallpaper can be quite drastically increased. The only work now

is just to paste wallpaper with the choice of the figure – in place of 4 groups of the roller (in ceiling which

is 248 cm) will have three stripes.

If you do not want to be ‘performance’ glue wallpaper on a regular basis, you can paste wallpaper after

several painting. So you deprive yourself of “pleasure” papered the following repair. Paint the wall is a

lot easier, even for those who know how to hang wallpaper, and who does it all the time.

Like wallpaper paste, so you do not need glue? Firstly, it is necessary to remove old wallpaper, if they

come from application. Sometimes it is removed from “dry-running”, just to pry the old layer of

loose layers wallpaper. As the wall only has a uniform layer of the lower paper layer of wallpaper, you

can start with glue. But this is only the case if the walls that were previously aligned.

If you are unlucky and the wallpaper can not be removed, you can try to remove this. To do “wet”

method, wet the wall with a roller usual, a little hot water. In front of stubborn hold on the wall

wallpaper buy a special tool to remove them.

If you get rid of old layers of wallpaper (and in the case of old apartments and several at once), the walls

are leveled. After that, they look as if they are new walls. Alignment is possible by means of special

blends or via plasterboard. Remember that the surface of the

wall opposite wall coverings. Therefore, absolutely clean and dry after leveling the walls and let it dry

thoroughly and then proceed with the stick.

If the walls were painted, papered than before, the wall should be coarse with sandpaper. Flaking paint

must be removed. Now you just know how to hang your wallpaper.

We hang wallpaper without matching the figure. First, we must measure. Cut wallpaper on the height of

the walls right length. If possible, add about 5 cm. If you have a roll of 4 lanes without a tolerance, it is

not scary. You can cut wallpaper without tolerance. Plinth covers the missing piece.

The hardest part is the first strip of wallpaper paste. For this, it is necessary to identify the precise

vertical. Record a level or a plumb from the window Measure the distance which is equal to the width of

the roll minus 4-5 cm. Apply the exact vertical line. This will be a milestone of the first band stickers.

Like wallpaper paste, it is written on the roll. Typical, glue smeared strip wallpaper. But there are

wallpapers which you have not once spread the glue, but twice. Heavy wallpaper smeared with glue and

stick on the pre- plastered walls with adhesive.

Glue the first strip in a vertical line, which we have previously treated. We start from the ceiling,

gradually descends, clutching the wallpaper from the center to the edges. Then ease and remove

bubbles with dry cloth. As to the excess edge to cut the top or bottom of the wallpaper, then it must be

done until the glue is dry on the wallpaper.

Such as wallpaper adhesive on the flat part of the wall, now you know to hang wallpaper. How about on

the inside angles? It is necessary to measure the distance of the last strip to the corner. To add the result

a few centimeters and cut off from bandwidth obtained. Slice the first most of the wallpaper, then

spend a blunt object on the wallpaper in the corner and a well-pin narrow strip on the new wall (careful

not to tear the wallpaper). Continue the process of pasting the walls. You can easily recover in the same


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