How to hang wallpaper in the corners

You have bought a new apartment and decided to upgrade and fix the old one? The first thing to be

taken into account is the wallpaper. It will decide the aesthetic look for your house. You can hire a team

of maintenance workers who will fulfill all your wishes, but you can save a part of the cost if you hang

the wallpaper on your own. But before we go straight to the point, you need to learn how to prepare

the walls, stock up some inventory and find out how to hang your wallpaper in the corners and on a flat


Of course, the main thing is the wallpaper. First, you need to buy a small margin. This is especially

important to consider when you choose wallpaper with a large pattern. To fully display the pattern, it is

sometimes necessary to cut a fairly large piece. In the store, check to compare the integrity of the rolls

and the markings on the labels: wallpaper must be of the same party, or color can vary.

The type is dependent on the choice of wallpaper glue. There are glues for paper, vinyl, woven

wallpaper, and this is a versatile option. This is useful in case you decide to combine different density in

the same wall.

To do this, you will need a bucket of glue for breeding, wide and narrow brush, roller, rags, rubber and conventional spatula, scissors and stationery knife,

tape measure, ruler, and pencil.

Some people ask: “Can I hang wallpaper on the old wallpaper?” The answer is yes. You can do it, but you

should not. But if you do not another choice, make sure that there is no mold and mildew. Besides,

make sure you have the right wallpaper paste, or else you will not succeed. When impregnating the

adhesive and hydrate the old coating, it can sometimes further away , and as a result, messy background

bubbles will appear. Try not to pull the old strip “dry-running”, first spray the wall with hot water from a

spray, then wait for ten minutes, and thereafter, with a spatula, remove the wallpaper from floor to


If you bought a new building and in the apartment you have a simple concrete wall, they must first be

sanded and grounded. In an extreme case, it must be inked.

Now we need to cut the wallpaper into strips, do not forget to combine drawing. On packaging glue, you

will find them. The recommendation for pasting is not afraid to get down to business, so the wallpaper

hanging in the corners and on flat walls – the task is not as difficult as it seems at first face. Ii is important

that the first band seem to be vertical. You need to throw off the ceiling almost to the floor plummet

(weight on a long string or rope), then gently press it to the wall and a pencil. There is no need to draw a

continuous line, draw a line at a distance of about thirty centimeters from each other. The edge of the

strip label combined with the rest of the band glue.

Rare house has a completely smooth wall with angles of 90 degrees, so the question arises: “How to

hang wallpaper in the corners?” If you combine the two bands, they can spread and left the barren piece

of wallpaper. And if you try to bend a piece of wallpaper, the ugly wrinkle or bubble. And then how

wallpaper glue? In the corners, you have to overlap it. To do this, measuring the distance from the edge

of the strip already glued to the corner, and add one or two centimeters to bend. Record the dry strip

and it was cut along the width of one of the obtained value equal. Slice this piece carefully for the

corner. As the wallpaper is too much of wrinkles, use a knife and clerical to make cuts. Now the good

part of the folded coat with glue and on top of the second strip, so that the edge vertically extends.

Delete excess glue. Now you know how to hang wallpaper in the corners, do it in the rest of the room.

And remember that when wallpapering, the draft is invalid, or the band can just fall.

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