Sewing Machines for Beginners – What You Must Know

Doubts that may arise when buying the best sewing machine for beginners may be endless , especially, when you are a beginner in the subject. Today the market offers us an almost innumerable multitude of domestic machines, with infinite performance and varied prices.

The first thing to value lies in us. We must be realistic and not be dazzled or dependent from convinced potential sales. We must be clear about the USO that will be given to the sewing machine.

Nobody better than you to know your own limits and challenges that will be able to face in the future. Seam “hooks”, and therefore, we must consider that what for us today is simply a tool to make small fixes … can lead to possible hobbies. But while it is true that this does not affect everyone equally, as there are people who know perfectly well that there will be simple domestic arrangements, while others are more “receptive” to the wide world of the seam is discovered .

I do not share the idea of buying a simple machine to have a first contact, and then later switch to another more fully as we picking dexterity and skill. You end up having 2 stuff at home, and using only 1 and further investment will double. But I also understand that there are people who can not buy the machine you want or need, simply because of their high cost. In principle and as a general rule, you have to buy the machine that offers us the greatest possible number of services that fit our budget. So we will ensure that we will never regret the decision.

Personally, I always recommend buying a machine recognized brand. And this is just the issue of the Technical Service. For me, it is reassuring to know that behind my machine, there is a good team in my city that will handle make the necessary revisions, greasing, and arrangements possible faults. Something of some importance to value is a Sewing Machine mechanics, with little care, it can last for decades. While it is true, I do not think that a modern appliance, can last for 70-80 years, but still work like the first day. It is also counseling. Overall, my experience shows me that most of Official Sewing Machine Dealers are usually good counselors in helping to choose the one that best suits our budget and needs usually included in the price, a course taught themselves, explaining you from the basics, to clothing to work with some difficulty (all depending on your proficiency level customer).

Prices vary widely. From a Silvercrest (Lidl) of 70 € uros to a Carrefour Home of 90 € uros, or Jata 100 € uros to an Alfa 150 € uros (for example). All are simple and mechanical. Although you can get very competitive prices in all stores selling online.

There are some security when buying 1st Sewing Machine.

1. Distrust those weighing less than 5-6kg (without packaging). Although, a low weight means easy to transport, in reality, the machines that weigh little, are often less stability when sewing and, most likely to have plastic parts in their gears. Check that everything is metallic mechanism, which means greater durability and more likely to repair (if ever needed). Similarly, all parts holding the presser rod and comprising the bobbin holder must be also metal.

2. Ensure presser is from Universal. When you need any specific or have to replace it, it will be easy to buy in any store because it will be fit perfectly.

3. The voltage of the motor must be at least 75w. If you have less power, you can not sew heavy fabrics or high thicknesses. It is advisable to let you try it. Listen to your engine. This should not be too loud, and the sound has to be stable as straight … Nothing of a chas-chas-chas, or clone-clone-clone.

4. General characteristics are “free arm”, “Double height Presser” or use “Twin Needle” …. But you have tomake sure they have it, because we will be very useful.

5. It is recommended to choose a machine that uses the system Landscape. This system is much improved and is simpler than the vertical bobbin. The thread is enrreda much less, is easier to clean, and there will be a headache less by not having to adjust the tension of the bobbin thread with his happy little screw. In addition, we saved a piece called Bobbin or shuttle, to be that change over time and is now worth about 10-15 € uros / unit. But, eventually, a plastic piece as is the horizontal bobbin case, always provides worse results than classical one metal.


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