Features of self-propelled lawn mowers and tips.

Besides the drive and way of mowing, there are many attributes to the best self propelled lawn mower that play a role in the purchase:

  • Cutting width
  • Tray or bag
  • Short or long lever
  • Ease of use

Cutting width

What type of lawnmower you need is mainly dependent on the size of your lawn. If you have a small garden, it is enough with a hand mower. Do you have to mow a large lawn, you will need an electric or a petrol self propelled mower for more convenience. The cutting width also plays a role. Most electric self propelled mowers have a cutting width between 30cm and 40cm. Motor mowers usually have a cutting width from 40cm.

Tray or bag

A bag (from reinforced nylon) is to store lighter and more convenient than a bin (metal or plastic). A bin is often emptied easier and cleaner in contrast. To easily empty and clean the bin or bag a wide gap is convenient. Sometimes there is a second additional recess or opening. A container with a flared piece that fits into the discharge opening of the frame at the bottom reduces the risk that grass has gone down when you remove the tank to empty it.

Short or long lever

To put on a lawnmower, you must push a so-called dead man’s lever against the handle. When you release the lever, the mower should stop. Lever may be in the form of a narrow handle or a rod which is as wide as the handle. The latter is easier to use, and you can put it with both your left and your right hand to operate.

Ease of use

Especially with a large lawn, additional options can work a lot more pleasant. So you should have lawnmowers that are self propelled. These mowers themselves are very slowly, so you need less power. The mower has a central knob for adjusting the cutting height, then you do not have to do this for each wheel. This saves unnecessary hassle.

A so-called “mulching” function ensures that grass is finely shredded, then it can be left on the lawn. The mown grass decays and serves as compost for your garden. Sometimes you can install a special double Mulching Blade so that the grass can be shredded better. Tests show that such a knife always gives better results than a standard, single blade.

Tips for using

With air cushion mower remember – at the beginning of the season or after having long uncut – to adjust the cutting height to the length of the grass. Then you can adjust the height at each mowing lower.
Make sure that you not cut the cord with an electric lawn mower.

  • Tall grass mowing is difficult. But short grass is not good because the growth of grass than is disturbed.
  • Damp grass mowing difficult than dry grass.
  • Pick up before you mow stones and pieces of wood on the lawn.
  • Empty the bin or bag in time, otherwise piles of grass remain on the lawn.
  • Regularly check that the blades are sharp. If that is not the case, the grass is bent rather than cut off.
  • After each mowing all the clippings from the chassis and the knife, you avoid premature corrosion.
  • Batteries are not subject to large temperature differences. This reduces the capacity.

Tips for maintenance at the end of the mowing season (Not every tip is applicable to any type of lawn mower)

  • Clean the spark plug with a steel brush. If necessary, adjust the distance between the electrodes. A spark plug after 2 or 3 years must be replaced.
  • Use a scraper or stiff brush to the underside of the mower. Caution: the blade is sharp.
  • Clean the top of the mower with a hand brush or cloth.
  • Siphon the remaining fuel to a container to use later.
  • Let the lines and the carburetor run empty.
  • Clean the air filter.
  • Lubricate the mechanism by which the cutting height can be adjusted.
  • The fat of the chassis base in order to protect it from corrosion.
  • Check the blade: it is still in balance and is still sharp?


Check the warranty carefully before making a purchase. The length of the warranty is often 2-3 years.

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