How to use a squat rack properly

Sometimes, you may have the urge to lift heavy weights, but it can be potentially dangerous without an observer. With the best squat rack which has proper placement of security mechanisms, you can do almost any exercise with minimal risk and without the assistance of a spotter. Most gyms have them and even the market for home exercise equipment has a lot of options at a reasonable price.



Step 1

Place the upper shelves mechanisms to about shoulder height on either side. This is where you will place the bar in-between sets.

Step 2

Place the lower security gates about an inch below the absolute lowest point you want to travel. Many lifters will descend to the point where their thighs are parallel to the floor. Place safety gates about an inch below that point. Always before performing the exercise.

Step 3

Place the bar on upper shelves mechanisms and place appropriate weight on the bar. Use cable ties to secure the weight.

Step 4

Make exercise.


Shrugs, Bicep curls and vertical lines

Step 1

Place the security mechanisms below about 2 inches below your hands if they were down to your sides.

Step 2

Place the mechanisms of high enough upper shelves so you do not hit them while performing the exercises. You will not need them for these exercises.

Step 3

Make exercise.


Bench presses

Step 1

Roll a bench in the squat rack. Place approximately in the center of the rack.

Step 2

Place the shelves mechanisms. Arm length approximately above the bench. Choose an appropriate height that will allow you to lift the unattended bar.

Step 3

Place the bottom safety mechanism as close to the level of your chest as possible. This will ensure that you can go maximum depth while having a safety in place if you cannot lift the weight.

Step 4

Place the bar on the upper baskets and place appropriate weight on it.

Step 5

Make exercise.



When you go very heavy, an observer must always be used. This will help ensure the safety and can provide assistance if needed. It is still possible injury you even if you use a squat rack for a year.


Many squat racks have similar means to adjust the shelves mechanisms. Some have a trigger-like configuration when you press the trigger, then sliding the rack level and at the appropriate release.

Some media have shelves mechanisms that force you to angle them specifically to be able to get them out. Then you will place at the proper height and angle it back it.

Things you need

  • Squat rack
  • Weightlifting bar

Before taking a power rack ( squat cage or squat rack), remember to check price and comparison from different web which gathers thousands of products, including products for bodybuilding and fitness. Hence there are a so many types of power rack and each of them has its own strength and weakness.

Love doing the Squat!

This is one of the best exercises that are to work your body, back, legs, abdominals, everything goes! The top Cross fitters and most fitness professionals are also fond of this exercise because it is very comprehensive.

In addition, if you have already had the opportunity to do Squat, you have certainly noticed that this is an exercise in quick to climb the heartbeat; it’s great for burning fat while building muscle!

When I was training in the dining room last year (far from my house), I used to squat regularly, but I was forced to break with this exercise equipment fault on my return home.

Yes, we can do the squat without a footrest bar, but it must be limited to very light loads (ask the bar on your back), where so simple air-squats without any load, which becomes a bit too easier in the long run.

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