On my website, I have tried the latest trends “backyard garden camping” , with great startups, and development to monitor on the Internet with my backyard garden on Lake Garda. In this article I will talk about the website “Camp in my Garden” ( and wonder what impact this may have on tourism at the most beautiful lake in Italy? Are we going to have a massively cheap (or free) stay in backyards if we continue to stick to the famous (and expensive) campsites?


I will introduce a little bit about this site (garden) campers. is the first and so far only website that promotes private gardens as micro-campsites. The principle is very simple: you provide a (large) garden for hire which are available to campers for free or for a small fee? Then you can create a profile on this site and then offer your garden. In this way, you participate in an inexpensive and enjoyable way to travel which only cost a few amount of money if you choose cheap camping tents for sale.

Are you looking for a (spot) cheap camping trip to get to know the locals during your vacation? Then you can look for Camp in my garden which is also called a “garden camping” on search function.

Whether you are looking for a camping holiday at home or abroad, in the countryside or in a city, near an event or as far away as you can … The garden owners are ready to welcome you!


The site is currently engaged in the UK. This formula has become very popular during the Olympics because there are a lot of people who were looking for an affordable accommodation in the area. And what is cheaper (and more fun) than simply to assist someone in the garden? You usually pay only a small budget on tents for sale and small fee for the use of water and electricity.

But what about now on Lake Garda?

We have searched and found a few “garden camping site” in the vicinity of Lake Garda. People who provide their gardens to campers are just like you. Some places seem to be even more beautiful and more fun than the well known campsites. You may have obviously no pool, entertainment, … But are all of these really necessary for you? Is not it nicer to sit in a beautiful garden and not to stumble over the tent next to you? All you need are tents for sale on the shop.


Most owners charge a small fee, but we have already found some where you can camp for free! If you do have plans to explore the area and you want to use the garden camp as a base to sleep, then this is the ideal and economical solution for your holiday! Look at the picture below for accommodation



I wonder what impact such initiatives will make in the future of tourism. You have initiatives like couchsurfing, Exchange® and now campinmygarden which thanks to the Internet are becoming more and more popular. There are plenty of gardens around Lake Garda. Imagine that a lot of people who live on Lake Garda can start to earn a few cents by making their garden available to campers or they might let them hire even with no money for the idea of making friends and to meet other people and cultures?


Imagine you can choose between one of the most well known campsites on Lake Garda, or “garden campsite” just a few blocks away. What would you prefer? Among the Dutch, German and Belgian , or in the backyard of an Italian, where do you prefer to place your tent?

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