Expand your home with extra storage

Clearly, we are collecting a lot of stuff, and that makes quite a collection in our house. This automatically implies that we need more and more storage space.



Some people get a lot of stuff through television shopping programs. But even if you do not, you can still collect a lot of stuff (apart from the stuff of daily use). And you have to store somewhere because the store is full. Now of course there are always many opportunities that you have a shed or garage, or perhaps an attic. But there are also opportunities to put it in just a neat way into your living room or the bedroom. Use some tricks and you will have a lot of extra storage space.

Open spaces

Not everyone has a house with large open spaces, but if you have one and you want to make it a separate area to store your stuff, these is ideally suited with high drawers.

It is also possible if you want to separate a large attic into different areas, for example, a play or hobby room. As you can see that today more and more people get their own a private bathroom in the bedroom. By placing a wall you create a separate section which can be a side drawers, your bedding, bath items and also wardrobe.

The fireplace platform

In the 70s, a fireplace was immensely popular. What slightly increases nowadays is placed and the platform is extended on one or both sides (preferably with brown or beige tiles). Such a platform cab be used to store wood, trinkets or seat. If you have the same fireplace in your house, now think of making one platform become a part of the wall, in the style of your home, which suddenly serves as a warehouse. Because you now have space, you can make drawers underneath the platform, or small container (depending on how high you make the platform) and then you can put on top cushions, to create extra seating for visitors or family members.

The stairway



In a house with staircase, there is sometimes the space between stairs which is very useful because often it is an empty hole or simply left blank. The best use of this space is making shelves on which you can create in drawers to put shoes or stuffs in. If you use nice face plates for the drawers, you do not have something different or inconvenient compared to normal stairs. Moreover, there are also off-the-shelf systems that are excellent for this stairs.

Above the stairs, you can also create storage space. Often, there are high cavities and if you lowered the ceiling, you can store stuff that you do not need much in it. With the suspended ceiling, you can handle pretty light to show off the way in night.


A perfect option to create storage space in bedroom is raise your bed and make underneath drawers. You can see the loft bed often in the student dorm, and children’s bedroom but you can also apply this for your room to save more space. Make a suitable renovation for your bed room and suddenly you have a lot of extra storage space.


In fact, some house have many bathroom and also quite a few unused rooms. Consider those space for renovation to create more storage space. It is easy to make cabinets or drawers that will take no extra space. But you want to give, for example, your bath or shower a little more privacy, you can try to put some separate walls. Remember that you can incorporate drawers into those walls. You can make a drawer to keep trinkets or bathroom stuff on those walls.




If you have a lot of stuff, no more storage place and clean up is not an option, then walk once through your house and see where you can still create additional storage space. If you are handy, you can make it by yourself, but you can also get the help and advice from a professional at the interior stores. If your are a handy man, the cost stays at the lowest rate, but if you call on a professional, the expends can increase a lot.

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