Pack and play – Your baby close friend

The baby pack and play is one of the few nursery accessories that made both the happiness of parents and children. Well chosen, the pack and play quickly becomes indispensable for the whole family and can even serve several generations of children. But the range is wide and to find the perfect pack and play, you first have to ask the right questions and list the important criteria. Here are some tips to make the right choice among the many pack and play models for baby.

The pack and play, an ally for the first months of baby

In the room or in the living room, the baby pack and play will become the attraction of the family division. For over a year, this accessory will accompany children from 4 months to control the march to 13 or 14 months. Its primary purpose is to secure a perimeter: the child is out of danger from the house.

The playpen is a quiet corner for the baby to play, rest and explore his play mat. The pack and play is also a gym from 8 or 9 months where he will make his first attempts walking on all fours and then standing with the help of the bars.

A wide range of models

The range of pack and plays is diverse and it is not always easy to navigate in this “jungle” of the childcare market. We find, for example, folding pack and plays very practical and easy to store or castors parks with different shapes (square, oval, rectangle …) that fit perfectly in small areas or are placed in typical parts.

There are pack and plays to ask directly on the ground and in the range of functional accessories, there are playpens adjustable in three positions which greatly facilitates the lives of parents.

Very economical, the umbrella pack and play combines both the bed and the pack and play and the most sophisticated models feature storage and even a changing table. The only downside is that this type of pack and play sometimes lacks stability.

Material side, baby pack and plays are usually made of wood or plastic. Cloth parks are lighter but less resistant and are primarily used for travel or occasional use. Click here to see top 5 best pack and play 2016

How to choose the perfect playpen?

First of all, check that the playpen is in compliance with French safety standards (NF S 54-010) or European (EN 12227). When buying, it ensures the stability of the pack and play, the height (over 55cm) and the spacing of the bars which must be less than 7cm. Most significantly, the wheels must be equipped with brakes.

It is very important to follow safety rules to avoid that the child is injured, choking or succeeds in climbing the rungs. Other criteria to consider are the budget, comfort, aesthetics, size …

It’ll just make a checklist …

The choice of baby pack and play by quality

Quality baby pack and plays depend on the material used as well as the mark. That said, the plastic is less resistant than wood. For use over a long period, it is best to opt for the wooden model. However, they are other models that are not wooden but fully comply. The quality is not the only criterion, it is your responsibility to choose a model that is best suited to you.

Choosing a baby pack and play according to practicality

If you live in an apartment that is not very spacious, it is better to choose a foldable playpen and can be easily stored after use. So you can save space. In this register, plastic pack and plays are more interesting as easy to modulate. Those nets are also practical because of their ability to be easily transported outings. However, the fabrics sides do not allow the child to have a good view of the outside. Before proceeding, you must evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of what you offer. Moreover, for your baby to be comfortably installed, it is recommended to install a carpet or blanket in the park if it is not provided.

There are a wide variety of baby pack and plays, each with its own characteristics. It is then up to you to choose the pack and play of your baby according to your taste and propriety. You can choose from several models at different prices.


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