What good of having plants at home?

In the warm months, we are much more open to the outside and there are usually a lot of greenery around us, but that is something different in the cold months. We spend much more time inside the house and plant outside is often not so green. It recommends to also plant plenty of evergreens in the garden and inside the house also to create a piece of atmosphere of natural freshness in home.

The house

If you want to get green at home, it is good to look around first in the house. There are many plants and one is more beautiful than the other. That does not mean that any plant will fit the decor and atmosphere of our house, it must have sufficient space. There are plants that require lots of light and others can cause irritation to the skin. In short, consider carefully the type of plant you want to keep in home before going on a purchase.

The most important points

  • The house is ready in terms of styling?
  • Where is the space for plants or what is preferable? (Note the space height, width + depth and light)
  • Keep plants that are colorful (flowers) or just green?
  • Green or deep green or it may be other variegated leaves?
  • Do you have children and / or pets? (In connection with toxic moisture in the plant or structure of the leaf)
  • Do you want to delve into the green or they are just for the decor?

If you have given answer to these questions, you will slowly get an idea of what can and should be placed in the house. The plants in the garden centers all have labels with comprehensive information, and those labels are some answers to the questions you have previously listed for yourself (following the list above). Get the answers already? There are already a number of plants that suit your home and your need. Then focus on what can be done at home to get a nice green spot. Note also the size of the plant, because some plant may grow quickly and your space is limited. If you do not consider this problems, it may turn out a disaster later.


Choosing with your taste is the next step to find a beautiful plant in the house. That is a very personal process, but also necessary. Because only in a place where many plants are grouped together like the garden center, you can make an informed choice. Take your time there to find the favorite one for your home.

Take care

In winter, it is relatively easy in terms of care for those plant. Generally, in winter, the plants are in a resting phase, and that is when you have to leave them alone. Give them no or very limited watering. This is different in the spring. Many plants need to be repotted anytime or at least get new potting soil. They need to be watered, checked for bugs and sometimes extra caring. Some plants do better outside, but they must be taken with good care inside. In short, a plant needs care and although it is not a full-time job, you have to realize that if you get green in your home you have to do something about it. If you do not have a lot of spare time due to busy working schedule, then chances are that you should get plants that require relatively little care and very strong at your house. But growing a plant entirely without care is a utopia, a plant is, after all, a living organism.


Placing plants in home finishes a house in terms of styling. You get to bring a bit of nature in your home atmosphere and plants are the best solution. Note that a house is not a garden. The garden programs on television should therefore not be taken too literally, but just give an idea of the possibilities. Combine it with cute kitties, preferably in a particular style to make it not too much at home, and you get lovely green through the cold months. Placing too much plants in house also fight back the ideal of bringing the freshness to the home.

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